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liz gentry

If you have lived in Austin for more than 2 days you know that Austin-ites love Austin.  And we love the idea of keeping it weird.  And we are weird. Weirdly wonderful!  We are a mix of ethnicities as well as a wonderful mix of babies to boomers.  

In all that wonderfulness it is hard to get along sometimes! There is a lot to negotiate between the generations.
  Some are trying to grow up and some are trying to grow old.  And those in the middle are trying to hang on for dear life.  

Liz Gentry has experience working with multi-generational and multi-ethnic families achieve desired relationships and families.  She also has years of experience working with older couples who desire to transition from a role of parenting to achieving an adult relationship with their young adults. She knows it can be challenging but also very rewarding.  

Some basic human needs are to be connected to others in meaningful ways and yet to be our own person.  Every day we are challenged to be brave as we attempt to manage these 2 competing needs.  Some days we are braver than on others.  Continuing to choose courage is brave.  Courage helps us fight the critics, whether they are standing 
on  the sidelines or in our heads.  Choosing bravery is one of our biggest challenges and comes with our biggest rewards:  a life of meaning and connection to others.

"I'm imperfect and vulnerable, and sometimes afraid, but that doesn't change the truth that I'm also brave and worthy of love and belonging."         Brené Brown


Liz Gentry, MA,
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Licensed Professional Counselor

LMFT Supervisor, LPC Supervisor

Senior Director, Austin Family Institute